Senior Technology Checklist

Here is a list of 5 technological items you should have and learn to use.

1. Tablets and iPads
There are so many things that you can do with these items. Having a tablet can connect you to family pictures, reading books, listening to music, learning about new countries and languages! They are lightweight and have adjustable font size making it easier to read. There are also apps that can help track fitness along with games that promote brain fitness.

2. Skype
Sometimes we get lonely, and Skype is a way to make sure we can stay connected with family and friends we might not be able to see every day. It’s available for smartphones, tablets, and regular computers. Real-time video communication with those we love is a snap thanks to Skype.

3. Health Tracking Software
If you have a computer or mobile device, you should know how to set up a health tracker on your phone. There is a wealth of opportunity out there. Most of these apps have the ability to track your medications, your nutritional needs, keep track of your exercise and weight. These things can help you be more independent and take control of your wellness.

4. GPS
As silly as it sounds, we tend to get more forgetful as we get older. This makes getting lost a strong possibility. Using an app on your smartphone or even using a GPS tracker that can attach to your wrist or clothing can greatly improve your chance of getting home safely in case you become forgetful or lost.

5. Home assistance devices
The items listed here are things that will help you remain independent and safe. Besides the GPS there are other devices such as stove shut off systems, wireless home monitoring, LED lighting, medication dispensing applications, and photo-enhanced phone dialers. These can all help you with mild cognitive and motor impairment.