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California Medicare Supplement


Making the decision to purchase a California Medicare supplement will be one of the wisest you make as you enter this transition from traditional health insurance to Medicare.  The questions we are constantly getting are, “Why should I spend this extra money on one of the California medigap plans? “  and “What options do I [...]

California Medicare Supplement2017-06-26T11:45:44-07:00

Guide to Medicare Part C and D Enrollment Periods


One of the most common questions we have to answer is "when can I enroll?" Because there are a wide variety of situations, CMS has created a handy chart to help you determine the options available to a client. You can click here to view and download the full document from [...]

Guide to Medicare Part C and D Enrollment Periods2017-06-28T10:28:33-07:00

Sometimes it’s okay to quit


I know that trying to quit smoking is extremely difficult. I’ve been there myself, recently in fact. I am proud to say that after 20+ years smoking, I am now a non-smoker going on 5 months. I am not going to lie, it was a hard road, but not impossible. I would like to share [...]

Sometimes it’s okay to quit2017-06-28T10:30:40-07:00

Ahh-Chooo! Oh no, it’s the flu.


It’s flu season. The sneezing, coughing, and body aches that keep us in bed days at a time. Living off of whatever home cooked food gives you comfort and possibly watching TV for hours on end. Here are five simple ways to try and have yourself feeling better in no time. Drink plenty of fluids. [...]

Ahh-Chooo! Oh no, it’s the flu.2017-06-28T10:31:59-07:00

Should Medicare Add a Long Term Care Benefit?


One of the biggest misconceptions many have about Medicare is that it will cover their potential long term care needs. While Medicare may provide some coverage for this type of care, there are significant limitations. As a result, most people who need long term care will still be forced to pay for it out [...]

Should Medicare Add a Long Term Care Benefit?2017-06-28T10:39:11-07:00